Hello! Getting Reconnected After a Long Day Pays Off Big!

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Maybe you are like so many of usā€¦

Where we spend more time away from each otherā€¦off at jobs, locked in another room, tied to yet another Zoom meeting or conference call.

Or busy chasing kids + crittersā€¦getting kids online for schoolā€¦offline and outdoors for exercise and fun.

In the midst of a busy lifeā€¦we still need to plan and come togetherā€¦kind of like closing the chapter on that part of our day and opening up the next.

Itā€™s all about successful, mindfulā€¦transitions of shutting on part down and connecting for the next. By setting an intentional ritual for coming togetherā€¦upon returning home or completing your workday can and does help you feel more connected to your mateā€¦and visa versa!

Itā€™s a simple snap of the fingersā€¦that has you shifting back into ā€œUSā€.

Sadly, this kind of connection is often lost in the hustle and bustle of a busy couple, busy lifeā€¦with walking through the front doorā€¦mail in hand + distraction as you sort through junk vs billsā€¦or cell phone pressed to your/their ear + caught in mid conversation.

Or fixing dinner, checking kidsā€™ homework, rushing kids to, yet another after school activityā€¦or other obligations.

Your ā€˜check-inā€™ ritualā€¦habitā€¦connection, can be as quick as stopping + looking at themā€¦even getting eye contactā€¦ to ask about each otherā€™s day or more leisurely like sipping a glass of wine together to catch up.

Need to play catch up with each other + prep dinner or knock out a chore?

Itā€™s perfectly ā€˜okā€™ ā€¦even encouraged to multitask.

Adding efficiency by working together each day to complete a chore such as dinner prep or dishesā€¦is actually a bonus win! When couples can work together ā€” even at the end of a long dayā€¦it creates a bond, a place of gratitude for one another + working together reinforces teamworkā€¦a huge must in successful couples.

Choose something that fits your lifestyleā€¦! Itā€™s your marriage, your relationshipā€¦you donā€™t need to copy anyone elseā€¦create what feels, what works best for both of you.

Thatā€™s the win in successful transitionsā€¦another win for your relationship.



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