Speak Up & Use Your Words

Making assumptions is one of the most common, yet worst communication errors that couples make.

Perhaps you may feel a little like this…that your partner should know… that you are upset based upon your body language or some other context clue, but that is rarely the case.

So, you hang on to your hurt or anger…expecting them to notice and apologize or make some kind of repair or amends. And we wait and wait or explode…shut down.

In all likelihood, they may not even be aware they have done anything to upset you.

Key here to remember…is that no one is a mind reader.

If you are feeling hurt, upset, slighted by something your spouse or partner has said or done…please speak up. Share with them what is bothering you. Share, not blame…from your heart…is a quiet and calm moment.

Failing to tell your sweetheart what’s bothering you only leads to more resentment on your part and unspoken tension between you…



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Dr. Liz Jenkins

Dr. Liz Jenkins


Relationship Coach | Me + Wife + Mom — I help women ready to take charge of their life + marriage, learn new ways to create the life + relationship they desire