This Daily Wake Up Tip Changes EVERYTHING In Your Marriage?!

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Perhaps, you’ve heard about how important it is to start your day off right…and I’m just talking about making sure you have breakfast!

There’s tons of really great advice with research to back it up…that says ‘starting your day off right…is key to being successful + meeting your goals+ showing up to your fullest potential.

Those morning habits, mindful mornings…self-care practices — can and do play a powerful role in yourself, your relationships, your satisfaction, and enjoyment in life.

Well, if it works for us…why wouldn’t it work for our spouse, partner…relationship?! Guess what…it does!

So, let’s get started…and it starts even before you open your eyes in the morning.

Going forward, your morning starts off the day with a ritual of love.


…not talking sex…but you can if you want!

Rituals of love can be one of the most effective actions you can take toward keeping your relationship on track.!

Beginning any day on a positive note is always a good thing, as it seems to set the tone.

We all know that a bad day usually begins that way and continues with a succession of annoyances.

For example, have you ever overslept…forgetting to set your alarm or sleeping right through it? Then that rushed, frustrated — hyper compressed schedule comes crashing in…and you end up ‘thinking’ that the day is ruined…judging yourself and others…hating life and them.

What would your life look like if you started your morning off ‘right’… rising before the alarm, knowing what you wanted to accomplish…who you intend to connect with?

So, let’s focus on your relationship…your marriage.

If you live together, begin a wake-up ritual!

It can be as simple as giving each other a kiss before…jumping out of the bed to begin jumpstart the morning.

Morning breath not your deal…no worries! A snuggle, cuddle arm rub or smile goes a long way in letting them know…you notice and appreciate.

Living apart or on business travel? Get creative with texts, sending short note + emoji or cute GIF before beginning each day.

Time spent…seconds…a few minutes.

Your ROI or Return on Investment?!

It is priceless and you may never know if these simple + connecting morning wake up moments prevented the ‘drift’, affair…or divorce.

What I do know is that you will end up with a richer, more rewarding morning + day. If you have any kids or critters…you are providing a daily lesson in how to ‘show up loving’ in your marriage or relationship.

Plus, leaving a legacy of love for them.



💖Dr Liz Jenkins 💖Connection Coach - I help couples reconnect & save their relationship; women reclaim self-love to attract lasting love =>

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Dr. Liz 💖Connection Coach💖

💖Dr Liz Jenkins 💖Connection Coach - I help couples reconnect & save their relationship; women reclaim self-love to attract lasting love =>